A proof that all Iranians want the Islamic Republic.

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    Massive respect to all our Iranian brothers and sisters who are proud Persians, proud Shia Muslims, but REJECT wilayat...
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    "ALLL~ iranians want islamic republic" while there’s videos of people tearing down pictures of khamenei / khomenei and...
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    So Islamic revolution has modernized in a way that , they allow to show extra hair ? Or wear heavy make up ? :| Face it...
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    Yes, I have been to Iran. Iranian birth certificate, citizenship, passport, carte melli. I own property in Iran, I can...
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    First - There is a huge difference between Iranians living IN Iran and Iranians living OUT of Iran’s way of thinking....
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    I will always be astonished by Iranians who act like every Iranian has the same opinion on anything ever. And I will...
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    Yeah all Iranians want rapists and pigs ruling their country with cult ways. Ma sha Allah guys, spread Islam by showing...
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